Les-Sentiers-du-Yack aide à la scolarisation des enfants népalais

Trip 2015

In January 2015, Dominique and Laurence, our beloved treasurer and secretary (at the time) went to Nepal to represent our charity.

Here's their travel journal :

Monday : We are ready to board with our big bags full of school supplies (pencils, felt pen, …) We also have letters and gifts that were given by the sponsors and that we have to give to their protégés in Tulasi.

Tuesday, 7 am : Arrival in Kathmandu. Subash (Alain and Dominique's sponsored party) and his father Raju warmly welcomed us and offered us a scarf, following the buddhist traditions. They will be our bodyguards for the rest of the trip.

Wednesday : Departure for Tulasi in 4X4

We made a stop in the city just before arriving in Tulasi in order to buy more school supplies, which will be given to the director of Tulasi public school.

Thursday morning : First visit of « our » school.

We were welcomed by the school director Bhakta Raï and his wife Radhika. Then we had a long meeting to talk about the sponsored children and the ones waiting to be sponsored.

Subash was helping with the translation (Thanks to his sponsors, he has been taking french lessons for 3 months, and he speaks french almost fluently)

Thursday afternoor : We prepared the gifts given by the sponsors, sorting them by school year. Subash made a list of children and went and got them in order for us to give them their gifts. We also took pictures of them. We had to do all this very fast because school ends at 4pm and the next 2 days were non-working days. We ended up by taking pictures of the children all gathered in the school yard.

Friday : We spent a lot of time walking in the village with the children. We also visited the children who were not in school the day before with Radhika, the director's wife. Some houses are very far from school, some children have to walk miles each day to be able to come to school.

Saturday : The children and the teachers are cooking for the big celebration of the next day : « Saraswoti Puja » (goddess of education). Everything is well organized : some people are preparing the donuts dough, others are rolling the dough out and some are baking it. Some children are also cutting small pieces of vegetables. The entire village is expected to come eat… there are tons of food!

Sunday : We're leaving Tulasi early in the morning. The day before, the director gave us a list of 30 new children that the association is going to be able to help. The children can't wait to see us again, and we cannot wait to come back here.