Les-Sentiers-du-Yack aide à la scolarisation des enfants népalais

Trip 2014

As it was decided during a board meeting on the 18th of may 2013, two people from the board went to Nepal in February 2014.

It was important for us to go there in order to realize what the school and the children needed. We also met professors and the children's families. We can thus act efficiently for the children and try and bring them everything they need for their education.

Mr and Mrs Ducos were the one going to Nepal in February 2014. They were with 12 other people.

They were able to :

  • bring more than 300 kg of goods in Tulasi.
  • meet the sponsored children.
  • visit the classrooms.
  • visit the families
  • meet the school director
  • sponsor 48 more children

The association now sponsors 69 children (65 in Tulasi, 4 in Kathmandu).

A 20 minutes film was edited by Thibaud Servat (who was in Nepal with the association). This film presents Tulasi's village, the warm welcome that the children and the school director gave to the french group when they arrived.

More than 15 000 photos were taken.

The association brought 4 sewing machines to Nepal. Two machines were given by the ADY SARL society (www.coudreetbroder.com) and two others were given by the VSM society (Viking Sewing Machines).

– 2 of the sewing machines were given to the school in Tulasi, where a sewing studio was created in order to teach the little girls how to sew. This could help them find a job in the future and be financially independent in their adult life.

– 1 was offered to a group of old ladies in the village of Tulasi, they sew in order to dress other villagers.

– 1 was offered to the 2 mothers of the 4 children sponsored in Kathmandu who were the first children helped by the association.