Les-Sentiers-du-Yack aide à la scolarisation des enfants népalais


Why educate these children?

In this part of the world, and especially in Nepal, giving children access to basic education is a real struggle.

Public schools are few in number, poorly subsidized and poorly equipped. Private schools offer children a good education and the chance to have a better future. But school fees can reach 20,500 rupees a year (180 euros), or 15 euros per month, too high for these families who have an average income of 50 euros per month. They prefer to school a single child, often a boy … .creating a gap between boys ‘and girls’.

Today thanks to 600 members and 150 sponsorships, the association helps to educate more than 410 children in Nepal distributed in the 3 schools of the village of Tulasi and Bardibas College in the Terraï and some high schools and colleges of Kathmandu.