Les-Sentiers-du-Yack aide à la scolarisation des enfants népalais

Nepalese arts and crafts

The selling of Nepalese craft

In order to continue our action and to allow other poor Nepalese children to go to school, we propose products made in Nepal.

Chauhan, our interpreter on site, help us receive different products directly coming from Nepalese craft: bracelets, beanies, handmade slippers, key rings, t-shirts, tea, etc…

Each trip allows the sponsors to bring back some products.

The price of almost every product is fixed at 15€. Indeed, 15€ is enough money to help a poor child to go to school during one month.

So, everytime you buy an item online or at “Les sentiers du yack” (bed and breakfast and cottage in Soreze (81-Tarn) where the products are expose), you allow a child to go to school during one month.

Every member of the association are volunteers who give their time to develop our project. This way, the profit is directly given to the children.