Les-Sentiers-du-Yack aide à la scolarisation des enfants népalais

Why support the education of these children

In this part of the world, and especially in Nepal, giving children access to basic education is a real struggle.

Public schools are few in number, poorly subsidized and poorly equipped. Private schools offer children a good education and the chance to have a better future. But school fees can reach 20,500 rupees a year (180 euros), or 15 euros per month, too high for these families who have an average income of 50 euros per month. They prefer to school a single child, often a boy ... .creating a gap between boys 'and girls' literacy.

Today thanks to 600 members and 150 sponsorships, the association helps to educate more than 410 children in Nepal distributed in the 3 schools of the village of Tulasi and Bardibas College in the Terraï and some high schools and colleges of Kathmandu.

Ils sont en attente de parrains

Vous trouverez ICI la liste des enfants soutenus actuellement par l'association à la recherche d'un parrain ou d'une marraine


Nouvelle adresse de l’association

Nouvelle adresse de l’association

7 May 2022

Info école Tulsa

6 May 2022

Info école Tulsa

La vie à repris progressivement à la Public school de Tulasi. Voici une photo des professeurs.    

AG 2021

8 January 2022

AG 2021

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