Les-Sentiers-du-Yack aide à la scolarisation des enfants népalais

Becoming member

You want to become member of the association for 2019.

You send a 10€  cheque to “Les Sentiers du Yack” 13 rue Auguste de Paleville 81540 SOREZE


You pay by credit card on the website : Hello Asso – Les Sentiers du yack
(In return You will receive the corresponding fiscal receipt)


Why support us  ?

In this part of the world, more particularly in Nepal, it is a real struggle to give the children access to an education, even to the essential.

There are only a few public schools and they are not properly helped financially and very badly equipped.

Private schools offer a good education to the children and the chance for a brighter future. But, the school fees can cost 20 500 roupies a year (180 euros),  meaning 15 euros a month, a way too high price for these families making around 50 euros a month. They prefer to only send one child to school, very often boys…creating a gap between boys and girls.

Now, thanks to our 600 members and 150 sponsors, the association helps for the educationof more than 400 children, 50% being educated in Tulasi's public school in the Terraï, near the Indian border.